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Before the Deployment
before image Find Help For BEFORE the Deployment
Learning about an impending deployment can result in an emotional rollercoaster for everyone involved. You may have anywhere from days to months to get prepared. Wherever you are at in the process, find important tips, checklists, resources, and ways to stay connected before the deployment. More Information

During the Deployment
during image Find Help For DURING the Deployment
Whether you are the one who is left at home or the one away defending the country, you need ideas to keep communication open, tips for how to adjust to the change, and help working through difficult and varying emotions. Here is where you will find answers for how to stay positive, connected, and in control during the deployment. More Information

After the Deployment
after image Find Help For AFTER the Deployment
Call it reunion, reintegration, or return, the time after the deployment can be equally as challenging as the two prior stages. Everyone needs time to adjust and slowly share experiences. Learn about how to return to life together and find information and resources about what can be expected or may be experienced after the deployment. More Information

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